Certification course on Rhythmic Movement Training

BONITATIS’ team is glad to share the news about one of its latest successful initiatives, aiming at bringing novel to our country therapies, which have proven to be effective for children with developmental problems abroad. BONITATIS and KindyROO Bulgaria organized a certification course on Rhythmic Movement Training. The instructor was the therapist from the UK Janice Graham. The core of Rhythmic Movement Training is the integration of the primitive reflexes, using the natural movements of the baby from their life in utero through all the key phases of development after birth, as well as very gentle isometric exercises. Both organizations’ teams went through intensive theoretical and practical education, which gave them one more tool against childhood learning, sensory, emotional and behavioral problems. After the successful completion of the training, the newly certified in RMT therapists celebrated the event with a modern and creative entertainment – painting with a glass of wine, which went much better than expected, as it can be seen from the pictures  🙂 =

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