BONITATIS is an Association for Children with Developmental Problems. We are mainly focused on the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), being it related to the most severe developmental impairments and special needs. Nevertheless, conditions like Attention Deficit Disorder/Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder, Dyspraxia and Dyslexia overlap with Autism and with one another and seem to have the same underlying causes and/or co morbidities. No wonder many therapies have proven to be beneficial for all of them alike.

BONITATIS means OF THE GOODNESS, OF THE JUSTICE. It is what we aspire to be, it is what moves us in all we are doing in the name of the children with developmental problems. We believe in our children, in their potential and in our knowledge and ability to unlock that potential. We believe in that the Window is always open. You can see it in our logo.

The Window… Virtually, all parents of a child with autism have felt their heart stop and their stomach twist several times, while reading or hearing about the so called Window. It is a figure of speech, where the Window is the way out of autism and it is believed to be open only until the child turns five. After that it closes and the child remains locked in autism forever. If you are a parent of a child just diagnosed and you hear that, it makes you panic, it makes you rush from one therapy to another, it makes you want literally to put your arms through that Window, grab your child and drag them out of it, no matter what his or her will is. We, at BONITATIS, don’t believe in the Window ever closing. Undoubtedly, the earlier the appropriate interventions start, the better chances for quicker improvement and, why not, full recovery (there have been already such cases even here in Bulgaria). Nevertheless, we have seen or heard of enough cases of teenagers starting doing well enough to be, finally, mainstreamed at school. We can even quote a case of a man with autism starting to speak for the first time in his 30ies. So, never lose hope, keep that Window wide open in your mind, research, read, talk to experienced people, do whatever you deem is good for your child, love him/her unconditionally, pray and believe that one day your child will climb out of that Window smiling at our world and truly joining it.

Bonitatis’s short-term goals are to introduce in Bulgaria medical treatments and therapies, which still do not exist in the country but have proven effective around the world. Our ultimate goal is to combine them into a holistic program.

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